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Here we go again.
The men in white coats are at the door.
Time to go quietly; Time to take the pills;
Time to weave some baskets...
Here are a few notes on how to survive acute manic depression (or bipolar disorder to use its more clinical euphemism). I am no medical doctor, so don't sue me for malpractice, but I have survived numerous manic episodes and consequent hospitalizations. Perhaps there is only one way to learn — the hard way — but just in case there's a chance of helping others traveling the same rutted road I thought I'd try putting up a few signposts. We are all different, no two roads are the same, but if you check out my warning signs maybe it'll help you with your own.
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Acute manic depression is characterized by episodes of mania, episodes of depression, and lucid intervals. Fortunately my lucid intervals are fairly long and free of impediment, so my main focus, and the focus of these pages, is to avoid manic episodes. Not everyone with manic depression enjoys long lucid intervals. For an authoritative discussion of the illness I recommend the following books or online guides.
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07 Feb 2021