Bipolar and Depression Book Reviews

Here are my personal reviews of books on bipolar disorder and depression aimed at the general reader.

Bipolar and Depression Book List

Education about bipolar disorder is an essential companion to treatment by medication. I believe that for myself education is as useful at preventing further episodes as is the medication I take.

Here is a selection of books available on depression and bipolar disorder sorted into subject categories. The brief descriptions have mostly been taken from the Internet. Books marked * I have personally read and highly recommend. Books marked † are available in my local Public Library (to give an indication of the more popular books). "Surviving Manic Depression" by Torrey and Knable contains an excellent book review.

Patient Handbooks
Books for adults with depression or bipolar disorder written for the patient rather than the practitioner.

Personal Memoirs: Bipolar
Books written by people with bipolar disorder about their life and their struggle with the disease.

Personal Memoirs: Depression
Books written by people with depression about their life and their struggle with the disease.

Family Members and Support Givers
Books written for the spouse, family members, or support givers of those with depression or bipolar disorder.

Children and Adolescents
Books on depression and bipolar disorder in children and adolescents written for parents.

The Science Behind the Treatment
A few books on some results of the scientific study of depression and bipolar disorder.

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